As you may recall. Few months ago I had created a list of some life-changing, if not, various events that will take place in my life. Though I haven’t really kept my word as far as updating the blog, I have managed to check-off many of the items on the list.

    * Graduating from Drexel University ✔
    * Traveling to Bahamas, Florida, and Costa Rica ✔
    * Starting a job/career as a Java programmer ✔
    * Getting a new car, potentially the Q5 or maybe the A4(s-line) ✔
    * Getting a private pilots license (@NE Airport)
    * Getting certified in Java (this one will take some time)
    * Working out and getting Abs (def. will take time, but I have no excuses for why I shouldn’t get built)

There are still three items that I need to work on.

One of the items I still need to check off is obtaining a private pilots license, which I most likely wont obtain till next year since I don’t think I want to fly in the cold (not sure if they have heaters in those planes…, they probably do though). Nonetheless, I am preparing for this item by buying a yoke so that I can learn how to properly steer and stabilize the airplane in MS Flight Simulator. And I am happy to say that with the yoke I can finally land on a runway without crashing :D.

Second item is to get certified in Java. This is one item that I am not too interested in achieving immediately. Mainly because it requires me to learn a whole lot of material and learning it at a rapid pace will just bring back the stress that I faced at school. Truth be told, I want to take a little break from studying and just enjoy a little bit of free time while I still have it.

Third item is to get abs. This one is going to take some time but I am glad to say that I have started to go on a regular schedule rather than just go once a quarter. I tend to go with Maneesh since we both work in the same complex and since we started Bally’s together. Right now I am working on my triceps and chest since that is what David has taught me. But down the road I want to focus on my core.

I cant really end this blog post until I at least describe some of the accomplishments thus far. Well let see, I finally graduated from Drexel University with everything I had planned for and worked hard for in the last five years. Though, I should really say four years since I didn’t really get my act together until sophmore year. Thankfully, I was able to obtain enough tickets, to invite everyone that I wanted in attendance for my graduation ceremony, and thankfully they all did attend.

The next day, Mario, Martin, Tim, and I departed for Florida for our Graduation vacation. The trip was fantastic. I would describe everything but I wrote everything I did in my travel journal, just so that I dont forget anything. But in a nutshell, the trip was full of vibrant colors, exotic places, amazing and full of adrenaline adventures in Costa Rica and soaking wet thrill rides at Atlantis Water Park. The cruise was amazing and offered the ultimate package by completing the Land, Sea, and Air adventure. Best part of the cruise was definitely the starry night and the amazing food.

I have started working at NetIDEAS Incorporated and so far I am really enjoying the company. The people are great and I like the work that I am doing and excited about whats coming down the road. It will be tough but I will be able to learn.

Finally, I purchased a car, an Audi A4. This car is amazing to look at and amazing to drive. It is expensive but when else will I be able to enjoy a car like this? But I am really thankful that God created a way for me to obtain this car because this car is just amazing. Thanks!