Wow! I honestly thought that I would write alot. OK. Maybe not alot but definitely more than 2 posts. Oh well!

Well lets see I have finally gotten on a roll with paying off my school and auto loan debt. I have a long way to go and I really need to get on a repayment plan that is higher than paying the bare minimum. Though I have to say its easier said than done mainly because there are still so many outstanding things I want done at home. Such as get a new walk-in Shower installed and get new couches. Both which are equally pricey!

One of the main things that is just troubling for me right now is my health. Allergies are killing me, or is it my heartburn, or is it my SI joint? Its probably all of them and it sucks! Though I should say that because of my dust mite allergies I have actually started to have an eye for cleaning. In the past few months I have been able to find large amounts of dust in some neglected areas in our house such as this space near an exhaust fan in my main bathroom and between the heating radiators in the house. It is amazing the amount of dust that manages to harbor itself in various areas of the home. But I haven’t stopped at dust, in fact I have started a cleaning revolution at my house in the last few weeks. From starting pest control services (can’t believe I didn’t call them earlier) to researching which products work best for cleaning various parts of your home (I have posted some at the bottom of this post). All of this to say that I am learning the principle of focusing on the surrounding causes than targeting the byproducts. Meaning that instead of focusing my energy on limiting the effects of allergies, such as a clogged and runny nose, I should focus on removing the causes of the dust. But again easily said and hard to do.

So here are some tools to make your cleaning life easier and effective!

To remove burnt-on grease :

Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner : Probably the best trick I learned! This thing totally works and removes burnt on grease easily! The fumes are pretty strong so you should definitely invest in some form of mask and gloves. And also dont spray even by accident onto your stainless steel appliances. Besides that this thing works!

To remove soap-scum :

Scrubbing Bubbles : So easy! Spray and wait three minutes! Chances are the soap scum is gone but still spray water everywhere.

Stainless-Steel cleaner/shiner :

WD-40. Yupp! Wd-40. It apparently does a pretty good job at cleaning up stainless-steel. Found this little trick online 🙂

Those are the only best tools/tricks I have now. The rest are still in research. The more I learn the more I will post.