I’ve finally decided to take a Sabbatical. 

No, not from my workplace. Thought that would be awesome if I could get paid while doing it but that’s not going to happen. Though it would be pretty awesome.

Nonetheless, I am taking a sabbatical from church. I’ve served at GCFP for over 7 years. Actually almost about to be 8. I should have taken a Sabbatical starting last October but due to some circumstances at church I decided that its best if I continued to serve. In a way, I am glad I did as we were able to get some awesome events conducted during that time. However, at the moment, I am completely out of energy both mentally and physically therefore I cannot continue to serve to my fullest. 

I am blessed that there are others at church that can take on the many hats that I held onto. 

In a way, its tough to take this Sabbatical since a part of me still wants to continue to serve and I don’t like the fact that I have to burden the remaining people. Especially considering that we only have a few people that really dedicate their time, hearts, and efforts fully towards the church on a weekly basis. :sigh: Hope more people can step in and help during this time and hopefully for long term. So down the road I can come back and serve only where I need to. Or maybe even just enjoy the service in peace :). 

Not sure how long this Sabbatical is going to take but one thing I do know is that I don’t know how to “NOT” do anything. aka rest! How do you rest? I find it tough. I can easily make a to do list of things that need to be done. But to come up with a list of nothing thats tough, especially when there are millions of things that need to be done. Whether its at church, at home, at work, etc. I guess it could even be a priority issue. As in, I don’t know how to prioritize whats important and what’s not. 

One of the books I have decided to finally start reading is “The Rest of God” by Mark Buchanan. It was a book that I wanted to read after graduating from Drexel. Mainly because I wanted to be faithful to the Sunday Sabbath without it being an overbearment on my life. As in enjoying the REST of the Sabbath rather than legalizing it to be some ritual that I must observe. Well sad to say that that book has been sitting on a bookshelf with its friends for years. But now I finally have some time to read it. And thankfully there is a section in there where the Author who is a pastor takes a Sabbatical from the church. Which made me feel a little better about myself since I knew this wasn’t something completely sacrilegious. But one point he made was that alot of time he would get into a position where he would recklessly serve. And I think thats the point where I might be at right now. That I recklessly serve. Yes, I can do alot of things and can serve in areas outside of my comfort zone but that doesn’t mean I should. And who knows, I am probably taking away someone elses ability to grow. 

Its true that they say to “be careful what you wish for”. I wanted to take this break for a while and now that I am on it, its tough because I don’t know where and what I will be doing in these months and if I will even be in the area. So kinda sad that I have to take a break. And also sad that I may not be in this area anymore. We shall see. We shall see.