So here I am on 5/25/2010 starting off a year of blogging? Maybe?
Anyway, I got a practically free one year domain name. So I thought, why not? Let’s try to blog.

Now that I think about it, it will actually be beneficial. Hopefully with free-writing (not sure if you call it that) I will be able to improve my writing. Plus the amount of things that are about to happen in my life are astounding and life-changing (using adverbs help make your sentence sound cooler, learning (:)

So here are some of the potential life changing event that are about to take place

  • Graduating from Drexel University
  • Traveling to Bahamas, Florida, and Costa Rica
  • Starting a job/career as a Java programmer
  • Getting a new car, potentially the Q5 or maybe the A4(s-line)
  • Getting a private pilots license (@NE Airport)
  • Getting certified in Java (this one will take some time)
  • Working out and getting Abs (def. will take time, but I have no excuses for why I shouldn’t get built)